Single Electrode EEG

Single-electrode EEG monitoring opens a large set of possibilities in brain monitoring, inference and neurofeedback.  Applications such as neuromarketing, early detection of epilepsy, mood disorder management and attention monitoring will all benefit from the advanced technology of single electrode monitoring. We have developed a revolutionary way to infer information from a single dry electrode that is attached at the forehead (Fpz location).

The above figure demonstrates brain monitoring during three movies: "Derailed" - an action and horror movie, and two that range from sadness to happiness - "Stolen Life" and "Skin".

The X axis represents time and concatenates the three movies together. The Y axis represents a number of “filters” which we call Brain Activity Filters (BAF). These BAFs are different from the regular filters devised by Hans Berger close to 100 years ago,  as they are not generated from a single frequency band. The BAFs are ordered in a way that adheres to a certain global constraint.

The activity of each BAF is represented by its color at every point in time, using the “hot” color map. It can be seen that there is a clear (smooth) progression of the activity between different BAF as time progresses. A climax in the last movie is indicated by the arrow. That is a very joyful scene in the movie, which has been quite sad until then. The middle movie has some joyful moments at the beginning of the movie and then things change.  The first movie appears to activate different BAFs, indicating the different emotions associated with the movie.

We are currently developing this technology for the above mentioned applications.